Logic Breadboard Guide

Logic Breadboard Simulator is the extension of & logics. The canvas of the schematic editor is four times bigger. The automatic routing algorithm uses less memory and it is faster than the router of & logics.
The & logics guide is here.
The schematic editor has one extension. The new element in the Connections group is the Power connector. If it is on the schematic then all other elements are powered by this. The "+" input of the connector must be connected to high the other to low level ports. This element is useful for ICs. E.g. If the "+" input is connected to Port 14 and the other to Port 7 then the IC works only when the ports are connected to power supply on the breadboard.
Versions >=1.16: Simple reroute introduced on breadboard. Select an endpoint of a wire you want to relocate. Touch an empty hole.

The breadboard editor

1. Wires

Touch a hole. It becomes selected. Touch another one. The editor puts a wire.

2. Resistors, LEDs

First put a wire. It can be changed to resistor, LED or serial LED + resistor by touching a button at upper right corner. The start of the wire will be the anode.

3. Box

The same as in schematic editor.

4. 74XX

Similar to Box. No include file necessary.

5. MY ICs

If a schematic is in "ics" directory it can be used as an IC. The schematic should contain Ports. When this circuit is added to the breadboard the box will be the smallest that contains the largest port number. It is possible to put labels to the ports. Simply add an annotation to the schematic. The syntax is: Start with a dot and separate labels with dots. If the port is negated than start the label with ~. The number of port labels must be equal to the number of ports otherwise no labels are displayed.

6. Generators.

There are two generators on the breadboard: clk0 and clk1. They are disabled by default. Touch the empty circle to set them.
Versions >=1.16: supports "slow" clock. The clock time unit can be ns, us, ms, s. 

7. Scope channels.

There are 32 channels. Unconnected channels are inactive. Names and time parameters can be changed by touching the rectangles.
Versions >=1.16: the time unit can be ns, us, ms, s.