Logic Breadboard Simulator is a logic circuit simulator for Android™.

The application contains a virtual breadboard, a scheme editor and a virtual oscilloscope. small subset of Verilog can be used for subcircuit description. The simulator works with three logic and three impedance levels. It detects temporary short circuit condition, spikes on inputs and checks flip flop setup, hold, resume and recovery times.

The app can read, edit and simulate & logics circuit files. The reverse way is not supported. 

Link to new web site

Download remote GUI

Android device:

1./WIFI Enable WIFI

1./USB Connect USB cable and enable developer options.

2. Run the app and select PC connection.

3. Add a new password.

4. Select WIFI or USB 


If USB connection selected:

adb forward tcp:4000 tcp:4000

java -jar simulatorgui.jar

1. Write the password

2./WIFI  Write Android WIFI IP address

2./USB Write IP addres

3. Click on Login

Mouse buttons:

Left: select and move items.

Middle scroll: zoom

Right: Move panel

More than one remote clients can be used on the same or different machines.